How to Make Your Summer Clothes Work For Fall

Hi loves! Fall will be soon upon us and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve always loved fall more than summer; the brisk autumn air, the holidays approaching, and of course, the amazing fashion! Fall definitely has the best clothing, and I always eagerly look forward to breaking out my jackets and boots. However, when fall comes, what do we do with our summer clothes? Are our tank tops, dresses, and skirts supposed to collect dust until the next summer? I’m here to show you guys how to incorporate your summer clothes into your fall wardrobe.

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How to Bullet Journal

One key thing about me: I love to-do lists. I get intense satisfaction from writing things down, then crossing them off my list when the task is completed. I tend to forget things I need to do, so writing it down is key.

However, recently I’ve noticed that I tend to have about 3 or 4 to-do lists scattered around the place at one time. I’ll start a to-do list, finish it, keep it (I don’t even know why), then start a new one. It’s not uncommon for me to find to-do lists from weeks ago still hanging around. Also, I am a very organized shopper, and I often make lists of things I want to buy, then cross them out as I buy them. I also makes lists of shows I want to watch and TV shows I want to see.  I’ve see-sawed from keeping these lists on my phone, on sheets of paper, or in notebooks. Finally, I realized I needed a new method.

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