The Best Beach Cover-Ups

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While most of you probably have your swimsuits ready, your beach or pool outfit won’t be complete without a cover-up. Luckily for all of us, cover-ups have evolved past boring dresses. Keep reading for a list of the best beach cover-ups for 2017.

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Baby Foot Review 

Hey guys!

In my “How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer” post, I mentioned using the Baby Foot product to chemically exfoliate your feet.  Baby Foot has a cult status online, with people claiming that it took care of their dry foot for good. I suffer from dry, cracked heels, and I decided to use the product myself for the first time earlier this year. These were the results.

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You Need To Start Oil Cleansing Your Makeup Brushes – Here’s Why

Hi everyone!

I’ve spoken about the wonders of oil cleansing before, but for anyone who needs a refresher, it’s pretty simple: instead of just washing your face at night, you should use an oil cleanser first. Oil breaks up oil, and adding an oil cleanser to your routine will better wipe off creamy and oil-based makeup like your foundation or concealer. Also, those with oily skin benefit from using an oil cleanser because the oil in the cleanser attracts the oil on your face.

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How To Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

It’s May! The start of summer (which is Memorial Day to most of us Northeasterners), is right around the corner. Hopefully you’ve already started planning your summer vacay and picked up a swimsuit. The next step is getting your skin ready. While your lovely skin spent months bundled away from the winter cold, it’s time for it to get some sunlight. These are the products that will have your skin looking its best.

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The Best & Worst Dressed of the 2017 Met Gala

Happy (post) Met Gala Day! Known to fashion lovers as the Superbowl of Fashion, the Met Gala often brings out the best of style. This year’s theme was “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.” If you’re not familiar with Rei’s work, this architectural designs, unconventional silhouettes, and a lot of volume. So basically, an avant-garde look was required of the guests.

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A Sweaty Girls Guide To Summer

It seems like summer weather has arrived with absolutely no warning at all. And while I’m loving the sunshine, I’m already dreading when the temps are going to hit the 80s and 90s (and even 100s on some days). Unfortunately, I’ve been blessed cursed with overactive sweat glands, and even the slightest rise in temperature leaves me a sweaty mess. However, I plan to be prepared this year, and these are the products that I will have in my sweaty girl arsenal.

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7 Ways To Know If The Company You’re Applying To Is Shady

As most of us know, applying for jobs is pretty stressful. From picking a job that you’ll be good at to trying to ace the interview, there’s a lot that goes into searching for jobs. However, there’s another aspect that most people don’t talk about: shady job listings. Unfortunately, there are some companies that are more like scam artists than actual businesses. Read on for tips on how to know if the company you’re applying to is legit or not.

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