The Rest is Still Unwritten

My love of Sex and The City, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Gossip Girl, are well-known. However, it seems that I’ve forgotten to mention one of my favorite shows. It’s an iconic show, a show that birthed 1000 catchphrases (You know what you did!), a show that further spurred on my desire to work in the fashion industry. This show is:


The Hills


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You Have to Forgive Me

I haven’t spoken much about my dating life because frankly, there’s nothing to say right now. I spent my last year in a fog, and this year I’ve been focusing on my career. And finding friends. Finding friends is more important to me than finding a man. But one does have needs.

So until I have something juicy to report, I will be regaling you guys with tales of loves lost.

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