Review – Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

Hi everyone!

Raise your hand if you adore facial wipes. I mean, what’s not to love: they’re easy to take on-the-go, they’re inexpensive and they require minimal effort. And while face wipes were my go-to in college, in recent times I’ve stayed away from them because I don’t believe that they take off all of my makeup. However, on a weekend trip to Philadelphia, I didn’t feel like toting my entire skin care system with me, so I decided to give face wipes another chance.

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Baby Foot Review 

Hey guys!

In my “How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer” post, I mentioned using the Baby Foot product to chemically exfoliate your feet.  Baby Foot has a cult status online, with people claiming that it took care of their dry foot for good. I suffer from dry, cracked heels, and I decided to use the product myself for the first time earlier this year. These were the results.

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