How To Make Your Photos Look Amazing

Hi guys!

I’ve always envied people who have glossy, professional style photos on their Instagram profiles. You know, the kind of pictures that look like they were professionally styled and shot, even though they were taken on a regular phone camera? When I went on my trip to Europe I decided that I wanted to up my photo game. I discovered some apps that will also take your pics to the next level: read on for more.

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How To Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

It’s May! The start of summer (which is Memorial Day to most of us Northeasterners), is right around the corner. Hopefully you’ve already started planning your summer vacay and picked up a swimsuit. The next step is getting your skin ready. While your lovely skin spent months bundled away from the winter cold, it’s time for it to get some sunlight. These are the products that will have your skin looking its best.

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How to Budget

Before I get into my budgeting tips, I want to tell you guys that I’ll be attending the The Set NYC’s Fashion week show. There will be a bunch of designers and artists presenting their work, and I’ll be snapping away throughout the show! Add me on snapchat @ xoxotemi to send all of the action.

Getting to the budgeting, ever since I finally a got a paid internship, I’ve decided to put more effort towards saving money. Everyone should have some money put away for something they’re saving for, and an emergency fund. Budgeting and saving can be tough, but here are some resources that might help you guys.

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How to Bullet Journal

One key thing about me: I love to-do lists. I get intense satisfaction from writing things down, then crossing them off my list when the task is completed. I tend to forget things I need to do, so writing it down is key.

However, recently I’ve noticed that I tend to have about 3 or 4 to-do lists scattered around the place at one time. I’ll start a to-do list, finish it, keep it (I don’t even know why), then start a new one. It’s not uncommon for me to find to-do lists from weeks ago still hanging around. Also, I am a very organized shopper, and I often make lists of things I want to buy, then cross them out as I buy them. I also makes lists of shows I want to watch and TV shows I want to see.  I’ve see-sawed from keeping these lists on my phone, on sheets of paper, or in notebooks. Finally, I realized I needed a new method.

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