How to Budget

Before I get into my budgeting tips, I want to tell you guys that I’ll be attending the The Set NYC’s Fashion week show. There will be a bunch of designers and artists presenting their work, and I’ll be snapping away throughout the show! Add me on snapchat @ xoxotemi to send all of the action.

Getting to the budgeting, ever since I finally a got a paid internship, I’ve decided to put more effort towards saving money. Everyone should have some money put away for something they’re saving for, and an emergency fund. Budgeting and saving can be tough, but here are some resources that might help you guys.

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How to Bullet Journal

One key thing about me: I love to-do lists. I get intense satisfaction from writing things down, then crossing them off my list when the task is completed. I tend to forget things I need to do, so writing it down is key.

However, recently I’ve noticed that I tend to have about 3 or 4 to-do lists scattered around the place at one time. I’ll start a to-do list, finish it, keep it (I don’t even know why), then start a new one. It’s not uncommon for me to find to-do lists from weeks ago still hanging around. Also, I am a very organized shopper, and I often make lists of things I want to buy, then cross them out as I buy them. I also makes lists of shows I want to watch and TV shows I want to see.  I’ve see-sawed from keeping these lists on my phone, on sheets of paper, or in notebooks. Finally, I realized I needed a new method.

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How to Ace an Interview – Social Media Edition

A couple of posts ago I offered general advice about how to ace interviews. This post is going to be about my career field (social media) and what to expect when interviewing for job in that field! 🙂

  1. Experience – Unlike a lot of other fields, when you go on an interview for a social media position, they don’t care about your degree that much, and they’re often more interested in what you’ve done. So whether it’s an internship, volunteer position, or freelance work, make sure to put that on your resume, and bring some physical or digital examples of your work to the interview (social media posts, graphics).
  2. Prepare prepare prepare – As with any interview, you should research the company beforehand. Make sure you know the details of the job you’re interviewing for (read over the job posting if you have to), and be aware of any pressing issues facing the company (for example, if they just opened a new division).
  3. Be aware of company culture – Last summer, I interviewed with Foursquare. I walked in wearing a blazer and a dress shirt. As I walked through the building, I noticed everyone else was dressed pretty casually, and one of my interviewers actually had on sneakers. I felt out of place, and that may have been apparent to the interviewers as well. It looked like I didn’t understand the company culture. For jobs in creative fields, it’s often ok to dress a little more informally than at a law firm, for example. Try and do some research beforehand and see what kind of company you’re interviewing for. But when in doubt, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  4. Be a Know-It-All Nora – I’ve gone on interviews where I’ve been asked what my favorite book is, what my favorite app is, and what I like to watch on tv. People who work in social media are expected to stay abreast of pop culture and the news, and you may be asked about this. Chances are, if you’re interested in a career in social media, you’re probably into current events anyway, but it never hurts to refresh your memory.
  5. Check out their social media – Take a look at the social media channels that the company has. Note the strategies that they employ (Do they post text-only posts, or videos? Do they respond to inquiries? Do they theme their IG posts). They may ask you what you would change about their social media, so try and think of two or three things, even if you think their social media game is fine. (once I went on an interview and I said their social media was perfect, and the woman seemed a little disappointed that I didn’t have any suggestions. I didn’t get that job haha). Also, you could suggest that they get on a platform that they’re not on yet (Most companies have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but you can suggest Pinterest, Snapchat or Tumblr).
  6. Edit Test – For about 3 or 4 job opportunities, I’ve had to do an edit test before or after the actual interview. Usually it consists of making some mock-up social media posts. Don’t be nervous about this! It just means they want to see what kind of work you do, and if you understand the voice of the company.

Any other questions? Comment below!