These Are The Amazon Products You Need For Your Next Trip Pt.2

Hey guys,

Happy summer! The summer months are the prime time for beaching, festival hopping, and of course, traveling. I previously posted a guide on the products you should take on your next trip and now I’m releasing part 2! Read on for the Amazon products you should snag before your next summer adventure.

A Pop Socket


There’s nothing worse than when you get ready to take a killer selfie and your phone slips right out of your hand. Luckily, you can reach for these handy pop sockets and forget about the selfie struggle once and for all. These sockets will give you a good grip on your phone, and you can also use them to prop your phone/tablet up while you watch videos on the beach.

Over Ear Headphones


When I went to Europe last year, I brought along my ever present in-ear headphones. However, with the roaring that comes along with planes and trains, sometimes it was hard to hear the music I was listening to you or movie that I was watching. Next time I travel, I’ll go for some over ear headphones to cancel out background noise.

Wallet Phone Case


A T-Mobile rep recommended I get a wallet phone case when I got my new phone so that the screen would be protected in case of a fall. I followed her advice, and haven’t looked back since. It’s so convenient to have your phone, id, cash, and debit card all in the same place, and when traveling, it makes it super easy to store what you need. There are so many fun colors and prints to choose from, like this pineapple one that’s perfect for summer.

A Shawl


This may be seem kind of random but hear me out. Whatever your mode of traveling, whether it be plane, bus, train, or car, those environments can get kind of chilly, even in the summer – hello blasting A/C. Having a shawl stowed away in your stuff will keep you warm, and you could even use it as a blanket or pillow.

Would you bring any of these products along on a trip? Comment below!



Check out my previous Amazon travel guide.




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