London Travel Guide

Hi guys!

We flew to Paris, took a train to Frankfurt and then Berlin, and now our final chapter of this trip ends in London. I was super excited about this part of the trip, partly because I’ve been to London before but didn’t remember a lot about it. Read on for the details of the London leg of the trip!

Where To Stay

We stayed at the Brunel Hotel. It was…interesting. The hotel itself was alright, just tiny. The elevator could only fit two of us at a time, and the room was so small that we couldn’t fully open the door when we put all of luggage inside the room. The two beds were also super close to each other, and the bathroom was small too. I’m not sure how big the other rooms in the hotel are, but I would say that this hotel would be better suited to just two – or one – person.


What To Do

There are tons of bus tours around the city of London, and we decided to choose The Original Tour. It’s a hop-on, hop-off tour, and it costs £29. Unlike the tour in Berlin, this tour didn’t have a tour guide, just a recording. I definitely would have preferred a live tour guide instead. The tour was nice, and I especially liked it because we got to see all the sites at once. We saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, beautiful parks, and more. The only con was that it was really cold and windy that day, and the bus had an open top, so we ended up heading to the lower part of the bus after we took our pictures.

After the tour, we went to the London Eye! I was so excited to go on the Eye, and there are so many different packages you can book: from getting champagne to having your own private capsule. We decided to get Fast Track tickets, and I would strongly suggest getting these tickets. The line for the London Eye can get very long, especially on the weekends and in the evenings, and it was so nice that we didn’t have to wait long to get on the Eye. The views of London were gorgeous.

We weren’t able to do some things that I wanted, like going to Hyde Park and the British Museum. However, London is so wonderful that even just walking around the city feels like an adventure.

What To Eat

There are so many foods that the UK is famous for, and we started trying them pretty much as soon as we got there. I got an English breakfast at a pub but to  be honest: I’m not really a fan of breakfast foods in the first place, so I ate about half my plate. The next day, I ate fish & chips. I don’t even like fish, and I only got to so I could say that I’ve eaten it before (lol). On Saturday, we went to Nando’s. Make sure to get the Peri-Peri Chicken – it’s world famous for a reason.

There was also an Italian place that we ate that that I have to mention: it’s called Bizzarro and the food is great, and the staff is SO nice.

What To Do At Night

We went out for Halloween, which I was very excited about because Halloween is my favorite holiday. We ended up at a party that we found from Google, and I’m pretty sure it was in a college? Unfortunately, I have no recollection whatsoever of the name, so my advice here is to use Google and Yelp to find a good club 😂.

Well, that just about wraps it up folks! Going on this trip was really amazing and it’s re-ignited my love of traveling. Be on the lookout for more travel posts in the future.



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