Review – Gorilla Snot Gel

Hi everyone!

I kind of feel like gel is having a come back. It was all the rage in the ’90s and early ’00s, used for spiky hairstyles, curls, and generally just to keep hair in submission. It lost a little bit of popularity in recent years, as people turned to mousse and hairspray to keep their hair in place. However, I’ve seen more and more people using gel nowadays – for slicking down their edges, for securing wigs, and for intricate hairstyles. I decided to try Gorilla Snot Extreme Hold Gel. Read on to see how it worked for me!

Moco de Gorila or “Gorilla Snot” is a real GEL. When you open the package that it comes in, you’re first struck by the color – I definitely see why it’s called Gorilla Snot. It’s a yellowy-orange color that’s kind of gross and cool at the same time.


When you touch the gel, you’ll see that it draws. In fact, when I first started using the gel, I would get it everywhere, because I couldn’t cut the gel line (almost like cheese).


I decided to test the Gorilla Snot out on my edges overnight, because I was curious to see if my edges would stay laid until the morning…and they did! They looked a little frizzy, but honestly, it was barely noticeable. The next day I decided to see how the gel would work for me during the day, and it worked well.

A lot of people use Got2B (let me know if you want me to review it!) to secure their wigs, but I don’t really use that method because it’s pretty time consuming. I decided to see how well Gorilla Snot would work at securing my wig. The gel definitely helped my hold my wig in place a little bit better, but when I took my wig off my hair was a mess: hard, sticky, and the gel had mixed with my foundation, making it look flaky.

I still definitely recommend this gel, but with a couple tips:

  • Don’t wet your hair before using – a lot people seem to wet their edges/hair before using a gel, but this one works best on dry hair.
  • Don’t use too much – as with most gels, a little goes a long way. However, it’s even more important than usual to use this gel sparingly, because it’s so thick. If not, you’ll end up with white flecks in your hair, but the good news is that these flecks usually don’t appear until a couple hours of wear.
  • Use a toothbrush, comb, or clean hands to apply – I actually got this tip from YouTube. Sometimes the oil from our hands will stop the gel from really bonding with the hair.
  • This isn’t an everyday gel – Gorilla Snot is so strong and so messy, that I don’t think it works for everyday use. I would save this for those time that you REALLY need a strong hold.

Would you use Gorilla Snot? Comment below!



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