Why You Need To Start Exfoliating Your Scalp

Hi everyone!

I’ve talked about unorthodox beauty routines before, like oil cleansing your makeup brushes and this entire post. I’ve come across more slightly unknown, but key items, to add to your hair routine. Read on for more.

You guys know how much I love exfoliating, but there’s one part of our bodies that we often forget about: our scalps. Yes our domes need some love too. Think about all the leave-in conditioners and gels and hairsprays that we use on the daily. While you may think that shampooing and cleansing does enough, the truth is that you need something extra to remove those dead skin cells that settle on our scalp (much like our skin). Luckily, there are a multitude of products that you can use to exfoliate.

Your Hands

The easiest – and cheapest – way to exfoliate your scalp is your hands! When shampooing, make sure to really massage your scalp. Oftentimes, we lather our hair without really getting to our roots and scalp. Go in circles, back in forth, using your fingertips to rub your scalp.

A Scalp Massager

For a truly deep clean, consider investing in a scalp massager. Not only do these massagers exfoliate and relieve itching, they also increase blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles, which leads to hair growth. Buy from Amazon here and here.

A Scalp Scrub

Much like body scrubs, scalp scrubs are used to physically exfoliate your scalp. Check out this L’Oreal pick ($9.99) and this one from dpHUE ($38.00).

A Scalp Shampoo

While physical exfoliators are great, they can be a bit too much for those who deal with psoriasis, eczema, and overall sensitive skin. Instead of a scrub, reach for a shampoo with chemical exfoliators instead. This Neutrogena pick ($5.89) is a good one.

Would you use any of these methods to exfoliate your scalp? Comment below!



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