Berlin Travel Guide

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To recap, in October I went on a trip to Europe with my friends, and I’ve been recounting our experiences for you guys. So far, I’ve recapped Paris and Frankfurt, and now we’re onto Berlin. I was super excited to head to Berlin because we were going to be there for 3 days, instead of the 1 day that we spent in Paris and Frankfurt.

We took a train from Frankfurt to Berlin, and I honestly slept most of the way. From what I did see, the countryside was beautiful. Read on for more on my Berlin adventure!

Where To Stay

We stayed at the Maritim Hotel, and let me tell you guys, it was fancyyyy! The lobby was all gold and gilded and had a grand staircase and a fantastic chandelier. The room was definitely the most spacious room that we had during the trip, and the bathroom was fabulous too – hello heated floors. The hotel also had a bar, restaurant, and a pool.


What To Do

We definitely went on the most excursions in Berlin. Obviously, the most famous site in Berlin is the Berlin Wall, and there are many parts of it all over the city. We got to walk along all the wall that’s by Checkpoint Charlie, and we also checked out the museum that’s by the wall, the Topography of Terror. It was a very sobering hour for us, as we got to see pictures and documents related to the Holocaust and Hitler’s regime. Checkpoint Charlie was also very interesting, as during the Cold War it was the most-popular crossing point between East and West Berlin. I would suggest reading up about it BEFORE going to Berlin, instead of after, like we did. Also, be sure to take a picture with your feet in both sides of Berlin!


Before embarking on our solo tour of the Berlin Wall, we went on a bus tour that was amazing! The tour guides were so knowledgeable and kind, and we really got to know Berlin in a short amount of time. There are so many different bus tours you can take, so make sure to pick one that hits the sights that you want to see!

We also went on a river tour that was really nice, and we headed to the German Spy Museum afterward. Honestly, the spy museum was a bit of a letdown, but the chance to try and beat a laser maze is too good to pass up.

If you’re a fan of tall buildings and stunning architecture, be sure to check out the Fernsehturm. The Berlin TV Tower is  the tallest structure in Germany, and the second tallest structure in the European Union. We had dinner there, then headed to the observation deck.


What To Eat

The restaurant at the TV Tower is a ROTATING RESTAURANT! How cool is that? The floor that the restaurant is on rotates 360º around Berlin so you get a really cool view of the city. We got the VIP dinner which is a two-course meal with your choice of appetizer or dessert and an entree. The food was really good, and I would definitely suggest this place if you’re looking for a place to have a nice dinner.

Of course, we also had to indulge in Germany’s most famous dishes. We tried bratwurst, pretzels, and pork schnitzel, but our favorite dish had to be currywurst. Currywurst is basically bratwurst, but it’s chopped up and comes with a spicy tomato sauce. It’s either served with bread on the side or with french fries. Actually, one of my favorite memories from the trip is getting currywurst from a street vendor after visiting the Berlin Wall.

What To Do At Night

The TV Tower also has it’s own bar, but we got there close to closing time so we couldn’t stay long. After some scrolling on Yelp and asking our bartender for his suggestions, we decided to head to Club Matrix. The club was a bit…interesting. The music was pretty food but the guys in there were very aggressive, almost scarily so. They would follow us around and wouldn’t leave even after we made it very clear that we were not interested. The club itself was on the grungier side, but I didn’t mind that. However, I don’t think I would go back.

For our next (and last 😪), travel review, we’ll be in London! Stay tuned.

Would you visit Berlin? Comment below!



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