Review – Tatcha The Water Cream

Hi everyone!

Finding the perfect face cream can be hard – you want something moisturizing but not oily, something light but still there. That’s why I was super excited to get a free sample of Tatcha’s Water Cream. I’ve been hearing amazing things about the brand and was eager to try the cream.

The Water Cream comes in a lovely light blue container. It feels very luxurious and you can re-use the container after you finish the cream.


As the name suggests, the cream utilizes the water to provide long-lasting moisture. The cream also contains Japanese ingredients like wild rose, leopard lily, and hadasei-3 (an anti-aging mixture of green tea, rice, and algae).

You know how sometimes you put on lotion and have to wait to let your skin absorb it? There’s no need to do that because when you put this cream on, it sinks into your skin IMMEDIATELY. It feels super light but still makes your skin feel moisturized and supple. It’s perfect for the summer time, when you don’t want heavy creams on your face.

I had no complaints over the time that I used this cream, and I considered buying the full-size version. I headed over to the Sephora site and….realized that the cream costs $68.

I have no trouble dropping money on things that I feel will directly impact my skin or life (I mean, I spent $48 on a face mask a couple months back), but I felt like spending that much money on a cream was a bit much. While the cream certainly felt lovely on my skin, it didn’t make my skin look any better, so I couldn’t really rationalize spending $68 when my Cetaphil lotion works just as well for a fraction of the price.

The cream was great, but I can’t fully recommend it because I feel like your money would be more well-spent on a skin treatment like a mask or a serum, rather than a cream.

Would you buy a $68 face cream? Comment below!



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