How To Take Care of the Most Common Summer Skin Problems

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August is here, and I’m sure we’re all planning on living it up to the fullest during the last full month of summer. However, while you may be having fun this summer, your skin may not be. Read on for some remedies for the most common summer skincare problems.

Oily skin – All of that sunshine and humidity can make even the driest of faces oiler than ever. Before heading out, try a setting spray like this Urban Decay one. If oiliness still strikes while you’re out try blotting papers to whisk away the oil on your skin (Pro tip – if you’re in a pinch, you can use a tissue to blot). You should also try to use a mattifying face mask like this one from Freeman Feeling Beautiful.

Dry skin – While most people complain of oily skin in the summer, this is also the prime for skin to become dry. Sun, salt water, and chlorine can have an adverse affect on skin, so make sure to use a good moisturizer. There are also face masks that help your skin retain moisture like these picks from ELF and Dermalogica. If the dryness is affecting your feet, try rubbing off the dead skin with a foot file then moisturizing with this L’Occitane cream.

Bug bites – Unfortunately, bugs are a part of summer, but there are some things you can do to reduce the annoying itching that comes with a bug bite. Douse yourself with some bug spray before going out, but if you do get bitten by something, Vicks Vaporub will help reduce the itching. If you’re looking for something to help the size of the bites go down, try hydrocortisone cream. Also, don’t scratch!

Chafing – All of that exposed skin can lead to some uncomfortable rubbing.  Lush’s Silky Underwear Dusting Powder will help, or you can go something slippery like vaseline. Spray deodorant can also be applied on the chest, between the thighs, and on your feet for

Sunburn – Four words: you must use sunscreen!! This sunscreen is great for face, while this Neutrogena option is great for your body. Banana Boat also makes a great spray sunscreen. If you do end up getting sunburnt, treat the burn with aloe vera.

Body acne – Sweat can get trapped between clothing and your skin, leading to body acne. Treat pimples with acne medication or tea tree oil. In the shower, reach for a medicated body wash – Origins has a charcoal body wash while Neutrogena makes a great one with salicylic acid.

Would you try any of these skin remedies? Comment below!



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