The Best Beach Cover-Ups

Hi guys!

While most of you probably have your swimsuits ready, your beach or pool outfit won’t be complete without a cover-up. Luckily for all of us, cover-ups have evolved past boring dresses. Keep reading for a list of the best beach cover-ups for 2017.

I am obsessed with mesh t-shirts! They add an edge to any outfit, and as a beach cover-up they’ll give you some coverage while still showing off your cute bathing suit. (P.S. – I own the shirt in the top right, and I can personally say it’s awesome).

Button-ups are a cool way to cover-up on the beach or the boardwalk. You can choose from styles like t-shirt dresses or baseball jerseys.

It seems like pants are always left out of the cover-up conversation, but not anymore! Paired with your swimsuit top or a tank, these pants will keep you covered, cool, and chic.

What do you think of you when I say the word “crotchet”? If an unconventional yet alluring cover-up comes to mind, then you’re right. Try the style in a maxi dress or jacket.


So, which cover-up style will you be rocking this year? Comment below!



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