Baby Foot Review 

Hey guys!

In my “How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer” post, I mentioned using the Baby Foot product to chemically exfoliate your feet.  Baby Foot has a cult status online, with people claiming that it took care of their dry foot for good. I suffer from dry, cracked heels, and I decided to use the product myself for the first time earlier this year. These were the results.

Day 0 – When you open the box, you have the instructions, the two booties, and ties to hold the booties closed. The booties are filled with a gel-like substance. You put your feet into the booties and tie them closed (I had trouble closing them though, so be careful). The instructions also suggest to put socks over the booties, which I did. You need to keep the booties on for about an hour, and it’s hard to walk in them, so sit down on the couch and watch your favorite show while Baby Foot does it’s thing. Afterward, wash your feet with soap and water. A couple of tips – soaking your feet daily helps accelerate the process, and don’t lotion your feet while waiting for the flaking to start.

Day 1 – My feet felt a little tingly but nothing else really happened.

Day 2 – My feet were dry, nothing else to report.

Day 3 – I soaked my feet in warm water and saw some peeling.

Day 4 – Soaked my feet again and saw a lot more peeling, some flakes coming off of my feet.

Day 5 – When I got out of the shower in the morning, I sat down on my bed and noticed a LOT of flaking. So much that there were some flakes on my bed. When I soaked my feet later, I rubbed my feet with my hand and some flakes came off.

Day 6 – I was lazy and didn’t soak my feet, so I didn’t see much skin coming off. My feet were really dry and it was a little bit painful.

Day 7 – I walked around a lot on this day, and I think the dryness of my feet combined with the walking made my feet hurt. When I got home I soaked my feet and rubbed them but hardly any skin came off. However, my feet did feel noticeably smoother.

Day 8 – After my shower I checked my feet to see if there would be any flaking like on Day 5, but I didn’t see anything. I decided to rub my feet with a pumice stone.

Day 9 – Nothing to note, barely any skin came off.

Day 10 – Soaked my feet and pretty much no skin came off.

It’s about a month after, and while my feet are *a bit* smoother, I still have a cracked heel. If you search image results for Baby Foot, you’ll see people posting pictures of  their feet with SHEETS of skin coming off. However, I really only had 2 or 3 days of intense skin peeling, and after that I think my feet were done. Other people have mentioned that they did the Baby Foot process twice in order to fully exfoliate their feet, but at $25 a pop, I may wait a while before trying again.

Would you try Baby Foot? Comment below!



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