A Guide To Creams & Lotions

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great June! Today’s post is going to be about something that we all use daily: cream and lotions. Moisturizing is a very important step in keeping your skin nice and healthy, but it can be confusing to figure out what kind of creams are necessary and which ones you can skip.

First, the ones you need:

Face cream – The skin on your face goes through a lot, and you need a special cream to address whatever skin issues you may have. There a creams for dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, and so much more. Personally, I use this Cetaphil cream. While it can be used on both face and body, I use it just for my face.

Eye cream – I know you might be wondering why you need an eye cream after I told you that you need a face cream, but hear me out first. The skin under your eyes is a lot thinner and more fragile than the other skin on your face. Thus, you need a cream designed for that skin. A favorite is this Olay cream, as well as this Kiehl’s recovery cream.

Foot cream – Shoutout to our feet. They do a lot for us, and they deserve some extra pampering. Gold Bond has a great foot cream, and so does Eucerin. Try putting on the cream then covering your feet with socks so the cream can really work its magic.

Hand cream – Hands are often the first place to get wrinkled, due to the stress we put on them everyday. Use a hand cream before you go to bed, like this Origins hand treatment or these L’Occitane creams.

And those you don’t need:

Butt cream – There are some products out there that will claim to “enhance” your buttocks, but they really don’t work. Your bum, while lovely, will be just fine with a body cream like this Aveeno pick.

Neck cream – Pro tip: Use your face cream on your neck. No need for another product.

Stomach cream – While the skin on your stomach is thicker than the rest of your skin, you don’t need a special cream. Your regular lotion should do the trick, but if you need something with a little more moisture, upgrade to a heavy duty cream like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

Elbow cream – To put it simply: elbows are great, but they don’t need a special lotion.

So there you have it, guys. Go forth and moisturize 🙂 Which creams do you like to use? Comment below!



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