What To Wear (And Not Wear) During Festival Season

Festival season is upon us, and doesn’t it feel grand? Whether this is your first festival or you’re a festival veteran, we could all use some tips to make sure we’re stylish and comfortable all night long.

Say no to heels
Say yes to flats

You don’t want to be the person hobbling around the festival grounds. Instead, stick to comfy flats, sandals, and sneakers.

Untitled design-6

You don’t want to be the person hobbling around the festival grounds. Instead, stick to comfy flats, sandals, and sneakers.                                                                                                                      H&M Espadrilles, Converse Sneakers, Forever 21 Sandals

Say no to rompers
Say yes to matching two pieces

Untitled design-8

Festival bathrooms are hard enough to use (hello porta potties), and wearing a romper means stripping down to your birthday suit in less than savory conditions. To avoid this, go for a coordinating set: still cute, easier to wear.                                                                                 FashionNova Mesh Set, Boohoo Co-ord Set, UrbanOG maxi skirt & top (sold separately).

Say no to burning                                         
Say yes to sun protection

Untitled design-10

There is nothing I love more than some fun in the sun, but too much sun and not enough protection can lead to sunburn and skin damage. Make sure to protect yourself.                   Banana Boat Sunscreen, Nordstrom Sunglasses, H&M Straw Hat

Say no to flower crowns                            
Say yes to led light ups

Untitled design-9

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with flower crowns, but they’re a little 2010. If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, light up the night with some LED headpieces.                    Forever 21 LED Ears, Amazon Blinking Cat Ears, Etsy Unicorn Headpiece

Say no to runny makeup                                        
Say yes to makeup that last all night long

Untitled design-11

Festival makeup is colorful and fun, but it can be a struggle to make your makeup last all night long. Plus, a lot of festivals have restrictions on what you’re allowed to bring in. In order to give your look major staying power, go for these products.  Urban Decay Setting Spray, ELF Primer, RCMA No Color Powder

What’s your favorite festival do or don’t? Comment below!



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Heels photo courtesy of Eade Dress. Runny makeup photo courtesy of Fashion Times.

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