Review – #QuayxDesi Sunglasses

Hello everyone! It feels like I’ve been saying this forever, but summer is truly right around the corner. I’ve got my swimsuit, started planning my summer vacay, and I’ve prepped my dry winter skin for sunshine. Now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite summer accessory: sunglasses.

I decided to go for sunglasses from Quay Australia (pronounced Key) after I saw a couple of my favorite beauty gurus (shoutout to Shayla and Chrisspy) rocking their shades. Not going to lie – I was a little intimidated by the price. The average pair of sunnies on the site goes for about $40-60, and while that isn’t a crazy amount, I think the most I’ve ever spent on sunglasses is like $10. However, I wanted to invest in sunglasses that I knew would last me the whole summer, so I decided to go for it.

I bought the #QuayxDesi sunglasses in High Key. YouTuber Desi Perkins has a line with Quay, and I chose the High Keys because I wanted an aviator style. I chose blue, but at that time the High Keys also came in black and gold. After I ordered, QuayxDesi released two more colors: black fade and silver! I also bought the Midnight Runner sunnies from Quay’s regular line. I really wanted a black, almost scholar style of glasses and these fit that description perfectly.

The sunnies each came in their own pouch. The #QuayxDesi pair came in a heavier, leather pouch, and the other pair came in a more lightweight pouch, as you can see from the wrinkling in the picture above. I also bought a case (not pictured) but I think you could get away with just the pouch if you’re careful (i.e. not clumsy like me). It’s kind of hard to photograph the sunglasses because they both have mirrored lenses. You can actually see my birthday balloon in the reflection of the black pair haha.

So the glasses – I LOVE the blue High Key aviators. When I first put them on, I was kind of unsure because make no doubt, these are some STUNNA shades. The sunglasses were a lot bigger than what I was used to do, and it took a little bit for me to warm up to them. I love them now, and can’t wait to wear them to the beach.

As for the black Midnight Runner sunnies, I’m still a little wary about them. This is no fault of Quay’s, but the glasses seem to sit on my face a little unevenly, almost popping off of my face. I like the style, and I’ll see if I can get get them fixed, but if not I may give them to my mom because they look amazing on her.

One last thing to note – these glasses are nice. When I first picked them up, I noted how heavy they felt, which I meant in a good way. You can tell that these are well-made glasses that will last a while. I’m so excited to wear them out.

Would you buy sunglasses from Quay? Comment below!



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