How To Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

It’s May! The start of summer (which is Memorial Day to most of us Northeasterners), is right around the corner. Hopefully you’ve already started planning your summer vacay and picked up a swimsuit. The next step is getting your skin ready. While your lovely skin spent months bundled away from the winter cold, it’s time for it to get some sunlight. These are the products that will have your skin looking its best.

Exfoliate – Shed that winter skin with a scrub or exfoliator. I’ve already talked about this Lush ‘Rough with the Smooth’ scrub, and this Soap & Glory Scrub also has rave reviews. For facial scrub, this Japanese exfoliator is top of the line, and I just bought this Herbivore Mask (review coming soon!) For feet, everyone swears by Baby Foot. Try exfoliating about once a week, but make sure not to rub TOO hard – use a firm yet gentle hand to remove dead skin.
Body wash – I use African black soap, as a lot of regular body washes have a lot of fragrances that are too much for my skin. Go for something a little bit lighter, like these Dove or Aveeno picks. If you want a body wash that will also fight acne, some good options are this one from Neutrogena or this pricey-but-worth-it pick from Murad.
Razor/waxing – There are no rules when it comes to body hair. You can choose to remove all of your body hair, some of it, or none at all, no matter what society says. If you do choose to remove body hair by shaving, make sure to use a sharp quality razor, especially when shaving your bikini line. Pro tip – use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream for softer and smoother skin. For waxing, I would suggest going to a pro, but this Bustle article lists some great at-home waxing options.
Moisturizer – Personally, I swear by good ol Suave lotion. When my skin is very dry or itchy, I turn to this Cerave lotion. For my face, I go for Cetaphil. Make sure to moisturize every single day.
Sunscreen – While I love what sunscreen does for my skin, I hate the heavy, greasy feeling it leaves on my skin. For a lightweight sunscreen that still gets the job done, check out these sunscreens from Neutrogena and No7. For non-chemical sunscreens, try California Baby or CoTZ Plus.
What are your favorite skincare picks? Comment below!

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