A Sweaty Girls Guide To Summer

It seems like summer weather has arrived with absolutely no warning at all. And while I’m loving the sunshine, I’m already dreading when the temps are going to hit the 80s and 90s (and even 100s on some days). Unfortunately, I’ve been blessed cursed with overactive sweat glands, and even the slightest rise in temperature leaves me a sweaty mess. However, I plan to be prepared this year, and these are the products that I will have in my sweaty girl arsenal.

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7 Ways To Know If The Company You’re Applying To Is Shady

As most of us know, applying for jobs is pretty stressful. From picking a job that you’ll be good at to trying to ace the interview, there’s a lot that goes into searching for jobs. However, there’s another aspect that most people don’t talk about: shady job listings. Unfortunately, there are some companies that are more like scam artists than actual businesses. Read on for tips on how to know if the company you’re applying to is legit or not.

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