2017 Trends To Look Out For

Hi everyone! As I said in my previous blog post, I am going to be starting an advice column. Email me at xoxotemi9@gmail.com so I can answer your question.

We’re in the second week of the year, it’s super cold (at least it is in NYC), and you may be looking to pick up a few things to spice up your wardrobe. Well I am your trendy fairy godmother and I am here to help. Let’s begin.

Chokers – This ’90s favorite came back in 2016 and they have shown NO signs of slowing down. People are wearing double chokers, chokers made of denim, and lace-up chokers. Also, chokers are now being seen on men (yay for fashion).


Photos via Forever 21 & GQ


Corset belts –  This funky accessory also gained popularity last year, but they’re even stronger this year.


Photos via Forever 21, Asos, & UrbanOG

Pantone’s Color of the Year – Greenery was picked as 2017’s color, and the yellow-green shade has been popping up in fashion ever since.


Photos via Forever 21, H&M, & Asos

Parkas with Fur – I feel like I’ve been seeing this style of jacket a lot more than puffers or trenches. They’re cuddly, warm, and stylish.


Photos via Damiani NY, Forever 21, & Topshop

Bonus round – Every single thing you wore in 2007. Everyone is feeling rather nostalgic and calls for a return to classic ’07 styles have been heard. From Juicy tracksuits and low rise jeans, to loads of lip gloss and peasant skirts, dust off your duds from 10 years ago.

What do you think of these trends? Did I miss any? Comment below!







4 thoughts on “2017 Trends To Look Out For

  1. vgtrends says:

    Great article and you’re damn right about those trends! Great job! Check my last post on distressed mom jeans and fishnets trends and let me know what you think!


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