How To Quit Your Job

I recently left my internship and I was a little surprised at how much went into it: from HR to my colleagues to even dealing with the emotions within myself. Whether you’re quitting your job because you found a better one, or you just want to leave, this checklist will help you quit your job without burning any bridges.

  • Pick the day that you’re going to leave – I originally thought that my manager or HR would say when I should leave, but that’s not the case. You are the captain of this ship and you get to choose when you leave. Most companies expect at least 2 weeks of notice, so make sure your departure date is at least 2 weeks away.
  • Notify HR and your manager – Every company has different ways of doing things, so you may be expected to send your resignation letter to HR, your manager, or both. In my case, I sent a formal resignation letter to HR, and I had a private talk with my manager to let her know I was leaving. I recommend telling your manager in person, especially if you guys have a good relationship.
  • Tell your coworkers…. – …but expect that some of them may hear before you tell them I had planned to tell one of my coworkers at the end of the day, but for some reason my manager told her before I got the chance to. If this happens, don’t be angry or defensive when your coworkers ask you about it. News seems to travel fast in the workplace.
  • Don’t bad mouth the company – Even if you had the worst time ever at your job, bad mouthing the company or your coworkers is not going to help. The world is a lot smaller than we all think, and it’s very possible that you’ll see these people again. Stay gracious and stay quiet. The only time this advice should be ignored is if you are being harassed, have been assaulted, or anything in that realm. If something criminal is going on, you need to tell someone.
  • Keep working – I’m not going to lie, once I knew I was leaving my internship I kind of had a blase attitude toward my work. When I would get an annoying assignment I would think “This doesn’t matter, I’m leaving soon anyway.” Stay on task, and make sure to leave on a good note.
  • Check in with yourself – Even though I didn’t have the best experience at my job, I found that I had some weird feelings toward the end. I was happy that I was leaving, sad that I hadn’t had more time to bond with my manager (she had only been at the company for a couple of months), mad that they hadn’t hired me full-time, and scared that I was leaving a job that I had been at for 6 months and was comfortable with. All of these feelings are valid, and you should some extra time to take care of yourself in this topsy turvy time.
  • Gifts gifts gifts – Make sure to give your manager and/or coworkers a card, little gift (chocolate or a nice pen is a good idea), or even a gift card if you feel so inclined. This will help them remember you, and it’ll help you leave on a nice note.

I hope this list will help anyone in the midst of changing jobs. Good luck!



Photo via Business News Daily

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