25 Things to do Before Christmas

Christmas is just 8 days away, but there’s still time to have some holiday fun. Here are 25 ideas to make the holiday season even better.

  1. Have a holiday movie marathon
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Drink some hot cocoa (or tea or mulled wine or eggnog)
  4. See a holiday show
  5. Finish decorating your tree
  6. Make cookies
  7. Eat cookies
  8. Get an ugly Christmas sweater
  9. Tell a child Santa won’t bring them presents if they don’t behave
  10. Listen to holiday music
  11. Make a pie
  12. Finish your Christmas shopping
  13. Wrap gifts
  14. Watch a holiday special on tv
  15. Find some holiday pj’s.
  16. Go to a holiday party
  17. Eat some more cookies
  18. Annoy your family and get annoyed by them in return
  19. Cozy up under a warm blanket
  20. Start prepping for Christmas dinner
  21. Find a town with amazing Christmas lights and walk around
  22. Make a gingerbread house
  23. Donate to a charity
  24. Fill the stockings
  25. Wonder why it can’t be Christmastime all year round

Happy holidays everyone!




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