Things To Do on New Year’s Eve (Besides Partying)

New Year’s Eve is a time to look back on the past year while also looking toward the future. And for some reason, a lot of people like to do this introspective thinking while guzzling down lots of champagne and partying the night away. If you’re like me, this type of revelry may not be your scene. But what happens if you still want to celebrate the new year? Check out my list.

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How To Quit Your Job

I recently left my internship and I was a little surprised at how much went into it: from HR to my colleagues to even dealing with the emotions within myself. Whether you’re quitting your job because you found a better one, or you just want to leave, this checklist will help you quit your job without burning any bridges.

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Best Last-Minute Gifts

Happy holidays! Christmas and Hanukkah are just days away and it’s time to (finally) finish your gift shopping. The mall is probably super crowded right now, and online shopping may be your best bet. At a lot of online retailers, today is the last day to ensure that your order will arrive by Christmas. Here are some of the stand out gifts to order right now:

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Life Update

Hi everyone! I’ve definitely missed WordPress. I wish I could say I was doing something important in my time away but I was really just being lazy tbh. But no more! There have been some developments in my life, which is nice.

  • I’m leaving my current internship – I’ve been interning at a magazine for the past 6 months and I’m leaving tomorrow. It’s going to be so weird not working there anymore, but it was time for me to move into a new position.
  • I’m starting a new internship/job/something – My main goal this year was to get a full-time job. I interviewed at one of Hearst’s digital publications (5 points if you can guess which one), and while I didn’t get the position I originally interviewed for, I was offered an internship (which the hiring manager also called a full-time freelance position so idk what the position is tbh). I was VERY upset about this and spent a better part of a day crying and lamenting my situation. I was going to be an intern again. But when I looked on the bright side of things I realized that 1. I was going to be interning for a great company 2. I was going to be paid for than I ever have before 3. I could still move to NYC with my new salary 4. I won’t be an intern forever. I’m excited but very very nervous!

What’s been going on in your life? Comment below!