Review – Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

Hi everyone! Time for another review.

I’ve been getting acrylic nails done since I was about 15 or 16. I would get them done about twice a month. I stopped when I went to college, but I still got them done occasionally. I got my last set of acrylic nails in December 2014.

It is now almost December 2016 and my nails are severely damaged. They’ll grow to a nice length then break. They’re constantly getting little snags or chips that then mess up the whole nail. I’ve given up on nail polish because what’s the point when your nails are constantly breaking anyway.

I FINALLY decided to do something about my nails, and I bought the Sally Hansen Nail Rehab. It is a nail strengthener that is supposed to “strengthen weak, ravaged nails” and “defend against against breaking, tearing & peeling”. You’re supposed to put on the polish either under nail color or by itself, then remove and redo it every 7 days. I did this for 2 weeks, and left it on for a third without redoing the polish.

Let me just say one thing – This does not work. At all. When I first put on the nail rehab, my nails looked really shiny and pretty and I thought it was working. Wrong. My nails continued to break and chip for the entire time I had the nail rehab on. I noticed no difference in my nails; they weren’t any stronger or harder.

I’m going to try the nail rehab for one more week to see how my nails do. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try another brand.

Have you had any success with nail strengtheners? Comment below!



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