10 Rihanna Gifs That Explain How You Feel When Halloween is Coming

Halloween is just 5 days away! You’ve probably gotten your costume together, had some fall fun, and watched some Halloween movies. Halloween can be a wild ride of emotions, and who better to showcase that than the Bad Gal herself, Rihanna. Read on for the 10 gifs that personify the days leading up to Halloween.

1.When you first start the planning process and you’re not sure what your Halloween plans are going to be yet


2. When you remember how much candy you can steal from your siblings/kids/nieces/nephews/neighborhood children


3. When you see all of the horror films that are coming out


4. When you’re buying your costume last minute and start panicking


5.  But then it all comes together and you look amazing


6. When the day finally comes and you’re full of anticipation


7. When you and your squad take group pics


8. When your Halloween is better than you ever could have expected


9. When it’s November 1 and Halloween is over


10. But you remember Halloween will be here soon next year


Have fun and be safe this Halloweekend everyone!




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