The Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Hi everyone!

Halloween is soon approaching. Tis the season to watch some Halloween movies, go on haunted houses & hayrides, and wear the latest fall trends. The most important aspect of Halloween? The costumes of course! If you don’t know what to be yet; don’t worry. These pop culture options are quick, funny, and can be made using items you already have in your closet. Read on for picks for solo, group, and couple costumes.


While all of Rihanna’s outfits from this year’s VMAs were memorable, this look from her Caribbean set is the easiest to achieve. For her headpiece, cut up some fishnets, and accessorize with a mic!



Emulate the queen of scamming with a black dress, fur coat, and blonde wig. Keep your phone on hand to make funny videos all night long. Extra points if you can scam some little kids out of their candy. Honestly, truly.



The first season of Scream Queens was like a candy-colored dream. Grab your squad and outfit yourselves in all shades of pink. We’d leave the knives at home though. 



Lady Gaga’s Countess was one the most elegant and glamorous vampires we’d ever seen. Throw on the white dress and douse yourself in a vat of blood, or go for the red dress with lace up heels and sparkly gloves.



Ariana and Nicki strike again. First “Bang Bang”, now this sexy and cool video. For this one, your and your BFF should don red and pink leotards, the highest heels you own, and not much else. 



Blac Chyna & Rob make the perfect couples costume. This pre-pregnancy look is classic Chyna: tight dress, sexy heels, and long blonde hair. Your boyfriend will be comfortable all night long in Rob’s low-key black shirt, jeans, and Jordans. Tack on a fake baby bump for extra drama. 


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