The Power of Perseverance

As I’ve talked about previously, post-grad life has been tough. Uncertainty about my career, moving back home and being far from the few friends I do have, and overall dissatisfaction with my current situation has had a very big effect on me. I’m no longer the confident, carefree person I once was. I’ve been working to get back at least a part of the person that I used to be, but it’s been a tough road. I was making small, but crucial, improvements, but I was dealt another blow when a job opportunity I was looking forward to didn’t pan out. I felt like crawling up into a ball and never coming out again. But I knew I couldn’t do that; I was hurt, upset, and discouraged, but I couldn’t let this knock me back into the depression of last year. I gave myself a weekend to wallow in my sadness, but after that, I chose to move on. I accepted what I was feeling at that time, but I didn’t let it consume me.

It’s a weird feeling when you’re not where you want to be in life, especially seeing other people excelling. I’m trying to accept that for whatever reason, this isn’t quite my time yet. What is meant for me will not pass me, and maybe the universe is waiting for the perfect job for me, better friends to enrich my life, and the prime time to move out.

I’ll just continue to think positively, make the improvements that I need to make, and . I also think blog is a really good way for me to write down my feelings and meet other people who feel the same. So for anyone who’s ever taken the time to read or interact with my posts, thank you

What do you do when the things you want aren’t coming easily for you? Comment below.




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