Review – Wet N Wild Mascara

For some reason, I’ve never been a fan of mascara. I saw it as unnecessary, and regularly forgot to put it on when I was going out. But lately, I’ve been feeling a pull back into the mascara game. I went hunting at the drugstore, and settled upon the Wet n Wild Megalength Mascara. I got the waterproof version, in Very Black.

I judged this mascara on how well it lengthened my lashes, the color, and if it was truly waterproof.

Length – The first day I tried the mascara, I noticed that it did in fact make my lashes longer, but the effect was kind of spider-like. Some people like spider lashes, but they aren’t my favorite.


These are spider lashes.

However, if you hold the brush horizontally instead of vertically (like I sometimes do to make sure I coat every lash with mascara), there will be no spider effect. The lashes did feel a bit heavy, but that may be because I put on too much.

Color – I believe this mascara only comes in black, and it is truly dark. I sometimes get concealer and eyeshadow on my lashes and this completely covers that.

Waterproof – I first tested this mascara by rubbing a dry finger on my lashes. I saw literally ONE flake and it was tiny. Next, I dipped my finger in some water and put it on my lashes. My mascara stayed put. Then, I took a wet napkin and rubbed it on my lashes. Nothing. I then rubbed  a little harder, and got some flakes on the napkin. After this, I took some water and splashed my eye with it (btw, I did this at my desk at work. I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom #lazygirlprobs). When I dabbed my eye, I got some flakes again, but none on my face, and  my lashes still looked long.

I’m still a little conflicted on this mascara. It definitely lengthens, but it can go a little too spider for my taste. Further, the true test on whether or not this mascara is truly waterproof will come when I go to a party or wear it for a whole night and day.

What’s your favorite mascara?



Image via Evening Standard






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