Review – OGX Conditioner

For the past couple of months, I’ve been co-washing my weave with a natural mixture of yogurt, honey, and mayo. I stopped using shampoo and start co-washing after I realized how dry and damaged my hair was. I would leave on the mixture for about an hour, then wash it out. However, I noticed that 1. my hair was starting to go limp and it wouldn’t hold a curl, and 2. my hair wasn’t getting clean.

I decided to start using a real conditioner after the state of my hair didn’t improve. I absolutely love the OGX line, so I bought their Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner. This one is extra strength and is designed to hydrate and repair. It contains argan oil and silk proteins.

From the very first day I used this conditioner I noticed a difference in my hair. My hair was smoother, sleeker, and softer. When I styled my hair for work that week, my hair held the curl allllll day, and it was bouncy and full.

I lovee this conditioner and would recommend it to anyone. I would say if your hair is healthy you can get the regular version, and if your hair is dry or damaged, get the extra strength one like I did.

What’s your favorite conditioner? Comment below!





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