Don’t Let Boys Take Your Stuffed Animals & Other Lessons Learned

Stuffed animals are amazing. They’re reassuring, comforting, and they remind of us hugs and kisses and our childhood. My favorite kind of stuffed animal is any form of Hello Kitty. I have an irrational love of Hello Kitty. The mouthless, fashionable cat just really resonates with me for some reason. She’s cute and always goes on the best adventures. When I turned 10, a friend bought me my first Hello Kitty stuffed animal. She wore a plaid skirt and a blue winter sweater and I loved her. So of course, when I went to college at the age of 17, I brought her with me.

Towards the end of the first semester of my freshman year, I got involved with a boy named Dave*. Dave was my first real college “relationship”, (and I use that word VERY loosely). All of the other guys I had been involved with up to that point were juts . I really liked him. Which made the ensuing events even more hurtful.
One of the days we were hanging out, Dave saw my Hello Kitty stuffed animal. To this day I’m not sure if he took the Hello Kitty himself or if I gave it to him. Nevertheless, he saw my Hello Kitty, declared he was going to name it after me, and ended up taking her back to his dorm room. I should have been creeped out, but love goggles are a real thing.
Fast forward to January. We had all just come back to school after winter break, and I hadn’t seen Dave since the month prior. He started acting weird, and in an alcohol fueled 2 am rage, I grabbed my friend and decided to confront him. I got no concrete answer, but he texted me later that night to say that he didn’t want to see me anymore. Heartbroken, but resilient, I immediately asked about the whereabouts of my beloved Hello Kitty. He stated that he would “get it right back to me”.
It’s 5 years later and my Hello Kitty has not returned to me. I later found out that he had given her to another girl he was seeing. LOL.
The lesson here – Don’t let stupid boys take your childhood stuffed animals. And Dave, if you’re reading this, I still want my stuff back.
Have a funny story about your ex? Comment below!
*names have been changed to protect the innocent. And myself, from a lawsuit.
Main image via Provocative Woman
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