How to Bullet Journal

One key thing about me: I love to-do lists. I get intense satisfaction from writing things down, then crossing them off my list when the task is completed. I tend to forget things I need to do, so writing it down is key.

However, recently I’ve noticed that I tend to have about 3 or 4 to-do lists scattered around the place at one time. I’ll start a to-do list, finish it, keep it (I don’t even know why), then start a new one. It’s not uncommon for me to find to-do lists from weeks ago still hanging around. Also, I am a very organized shopper, and I often make lists of things I want to buy, then cross them out as I buy them. I also makes lists of shows I want to watch and TV shows I want to see.  I’ve see-sawed from keeping these lists on my phone, on sheets of paper, or in notebooks. Finally, I realized I needed a new method.

Enter the bullet journal. I first heard of it through a Buzzfeed article. Everyone uses their bullet journal differently, but the the main point is you use the journal to organize your life. You can use it to write down upcoming events, make to-do lists, as a diary, as a food log, etc. So basically, the sky is the limit! I already have a separate diary so I decided to use my bullet journal as a monthly planner and a place to keep all my to-do lists.

I bought this notebook from a dollar store because I didn’t to invest that much into the journal in case I didn’t like the process, and I knew I would make some mistakes in the beginning.



I was a little annoyed that every page has a Number and Date line at the top, but maybe I can use that to create an index or table of contents.

For the first green page of the page (which I actually really like), I decided to write down some mantras and affirmations to help me stay positive. I’m going to continue coloring in the text and add a couple more quotes.


On the first lined page, I struggled with whether I should make a list of things I wanted to accomplish that year, or if i should use it for my index. I eventually decided to use the first side of the first page for the table of contents, and the reverse side of that page for my yearly goals.


I then made a page for August, since that’s when I’m starting, and underneath I wrote down my monthly goals.


For right now, I’m still thinking of what to do on the other pages, because I’m not sure if I should then break down the months into weeks, or just go on to September. I created a page for this coming week, but if I don’t like it going forward then I’ll just keep it to monthly overviews. 20160821_113421

As you guys can see, my journal is pretty threadbare compared to a lot of the other journals you see online, but this is just the start! As I get more comfortable (and have more money haha), I’ll definitely start embellishing with stickers and washi tape.

I’ll keep you guys updated as I go further into my bullet journal journey. If you’re interested, check out these websites that helped me start:

Want to start your own bullet journal? Have some questions? Comment below!




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