Battle of the Primers 

Primers are everything. They’re the foundation for your foundation and one of the first steps in creating a flawless face. I’ve been using the ELF primer since last year, and when it ran out I decided to switch to the NYX primer. Recently, I got some samples of 2 other popular primers and decided to test them out and see which one would be victorious. A battle royale of sorts.

I tested Benefit POREfessional Face PrimerSmashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, and NYX Photo Perfect Primer.

I used the Benefit primer on Monday. It’s a balm, and it’s pretty thick when you open up the tube. I applied it first to my under eyes, forehead, and nose, then spread what was left on the rest of my face. I liked the texture of it, and my skin felt nice. When I got to work, my makeup looked a bit smudged, but it was mostly fine. However, as the day went on, my eyeliner migrated down my eyes, and my pores didn’t look any better. While I like the texture of this primer, I don’t really think of it as a primer per se. The main function of this product is to reduce the size of your pores, so I think this would work better if you put it on, then put on another primer.

Wednesday  was Smashbox day. I liked the texture of this one as well, and it applied easily and smoothly. Throughout the day, I noticed a tiny bit of oiliness and my makeup looked a little bit smudged, but honestly, this is a good primer.

On Thursday I went back to my NYX primer. I have had problems with this primer since I bought it about a month ago. It’s not as thick as I like a primer to be; in fact this primer can look outright watery at times. When I put it on, I don’t feel that silicone feeling I get when I used to use the ELF primer. I like to feel the primer when I put it on, so that I know my skin has on a shield of sorts. When I tried this primer again after using the other ones, I was pleasantly surprised. While the primer is still a bit too watery for my liking, it felt different on my face. Throughout the day, my makeup barely moved, and I wasn’t oily. I think the days of using other primers made me appreciate this one more.

Results – I never thought I would say this, but the NYX primer is my favorite. My eyeliner didn’t bleed, I wasn’t oily, and I looked good all day. In second place is the Smashbox primer. I would be willing to try it again, as it has the texture and thickness that the NYX primer doesn’t. Sadly, in last place is the POREfessional. I know people absolutely love this primer, but it didn’t do it for me. I didn’t see any difference in my pores, and it didn’t help my makeup stay on longer.

Have a favorite primer? Comment below!






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