The Rest is Still Unwritten

My love of Sex and The City, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Gossip Girl, are well-known. However, it seems that I’ve forgotten to mention one of my favorite shows. It’s an iconic show, a show that birthed 1000 catchphrases (You know what you did!), a show that further spurred on my desire to work in the fashion industry. This show is:


The Hills


Watching the 10 year special yesterday made me so nostalgic. I remember discussing Lauren’s every move, every boyfriend, and every friend fight with my best friend. I remember feeling betrayed when the series finale turned out to be fake. I remember being heartbroken when Lauren missed out on going to Paris for a relationship that didn’t work out. Whenever I hear the song Unwritten, I think of the show. In the present day, I feel such a connection to Lauren. I’m also an intern at a big company, trying to find my way in the world. I don’t live in as cool an apartment as she and Heidi did, but I’m working on it 😉

Seeing Lauren 10 years after the show premiered was great. She’s successful, happy, and in a loving marriage. For those who didn’t get to watch, or just want to rehash the episode all over again, here are the main takeaways from The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now.

1. Lauren doesn’t like to rewatch the episodes – This made me sad because she said that she doesn’t go back and watch episodes because they don’t have the greatest memories for her. I think of The Hills with great fondness, and I’m sad to hear that the episodes upset her.

2. Jason wasn’t sober during his last appearance on screen with Lauren – While I definitely knew of Jason’s struggle with alcohol, it was jarring to hear that he wasn’t sober during that scene. Lauren recapped and said that part of what made her so emotional was that she didn’t know if he had someone to take care of him when he was drunk now that they were broken up.


3. Kim Kardashian made an appearance on the show – During Heidi and Spencer’s housewarming, Kim is one of the party guests, and talks to Heidi about the house, and then to Brody about his Memorial Day plans. This actually does make sense because she and Brody are step-siblings.


4. Lauren and Brody never dated – While Lauren admitted to having a crush on him, she said that they never had chemistry and never really dated. This is shocking because Brody was present pretty much all throughout the series. Lauren did say that she felt pressure to make it seem like she was dating someone, so that might be why Brody appeared as often as he did.

5. While show is real, some of the drama was manufactured – While most of us know this by now, it was still a little jarring to hear some of the things the producers did. Lauren said that in Paris, they tried to convince her to kiss the French boy she went on a motorcycle ride with, and they wanted her to stain her dress (wtf). When she refused to kiss the boy, the producers tried to convince him to go for the kiss. Luckily, Lauren got away before he got the chance.


6. Lauren’s fashion lines are doing well – Lauren is a successful author, fashion designer, and blogger. Her fashion lines are super cute, and she co-runs a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged women around the world sell their handmade clothing online. Though there were some people who said that the episode was basically an hour long Kohl’s commercial.

All in all, the special was great but…..
I wish the other cast members had been featured also. I have a feeling that Lauren only agreed to do this special if she was the only one featured (which I respect, she was the main character), but there were other people featured on the show, and the audience would have liked to see them. Even if Lauren didn’t want a Real Housewives type sit-down, there could have been a segment dedicated to looking at what Heidi, Whitney, and Audrina are doing now, and their thoughts on the show. However, did a live-blog of the episode, which you can check out here.
I’ll still hold out hope for a proper Hills reunion, I’m glad for this peek into what life was like for Lauren during this time. I honestly don’t think there’s been a reality show that has captured the hearts of people all around the world the way The Hills did. So, brb, gonna go rewatch every season.


Photos & gifts via Daily Mail, MTV, &  LaurenxConrad on Tumblr


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