Review – Beautyblender pro

I have always wanted a beauty blender but the cheapo in me wouldn’t let me buy a sponge for $20. After I (finally) got a paid internship, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one. My face desperately needed the expert blending that only the beauty blender could provide.

As I was looking on the Sephora site, I noticed they had 2 micro mini beauty blenders for $18. The regular size beauty blender is $20. I decided to buy the smaller ones because I thought it would be a better deal.

After buying the product, I looked at more pictures of the micro mini and realized that they’re small. Like reallyyyy small. I was kind of freaking out and wondered if my cheapness had led me to make the wrong choice.

The beauty blenders arrived 2 days later (Sephora has super fast shipping, I’m impressed!), and I was pleasantly surprised. Although this beauty blender is pretty small, when you moisten it with water or setting spray, as you’re supposed to, it gets bigger and is the perfect size for undereye concealing and contouring/highlighting. I do think it’s a tad too small to use for foundation.

This is how the micro mini looks when dry (the one on the left), and wet (the one on the right). The one on the right looks a little discolored because of my concealer.


It is a little hard, holding something of such a small size, but you get used to it. As for how it works, it blends everything super fast, with no harsh edges. Just use a bouncing motion over what you want blended.

I’m glad I bought the micro mini, but I may buy the regular size beauty blender later so I can use it for foundation.

I give this product 5/5 stars.




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