Review – Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch

I have dark circles and puffiness under my eyes and I absolutely hate it. Even when I get enough sleep, I still have some darkness. I decided to buy the Tony Moly My Little Pet Eye Patch after seeing it on a list of best products for undereyes. Also, I’ve wanted to try Korean beauty products for a while, so this was perfect.

I first tried the patches on Sunday night. This is what they look like



The packaging is so cute, and the image on the front is of a hamster wearing the eye patches. The patches stay on very well, with no slip, which I was afraid of because I was going to be moving around while I wore them. I did experience some burning because I accidentally got some of the product in my eye because I placed the patch too close to my waterline. So don’t do that! (lol).

I wore the patches for 30 minutes, as it says on the package, then when I took them off I rubbed the remaining product into my skin. I noticed no difference at all. The next morning (Monday), I wore the patches for 15 minutes then took them off. Again, no difference. But as I checked my face during the day, it almost seemed as if my undereyes looked….worse? My bags were more pronounced and the color was weird looking. I was a little upset, but determined to keep on trying. On Tuesday night, I stored the patches in the fridge, so by Wednesday morning they were cold. I put them on my eyes for 15 minutes, and after taking them off I did notice a difference in puffiness, and my undereye area looked better throughout the day.

One thing I will say is that I am not totally sure if the patches are meant to be used more than once. The package doesn’t say so, but in most of the reviews that I saw, the person used the patches more than once.

I didn’t really see any real difference in my undereye. They didn’t de-puff and didn’t really get any lighter. But for some reason, I am still interested in the Tony Moly brand (is it the cute packaging? the cheap prices?), and I would love to try a different product from them.

I give this product 2/5 stars.




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