Review – Blue Apron

Hi guys! This post is going to be about my experience with the food delivery website Blue Apron. My friend sent me a free week of deliveries, and I decided to try it out.

To get your free week, you have to sign up and enter your debit/credit card information, but if you cancel in time (more on that later), you won’t be charged at all. After I signed up, I chose what kind of deliveries I wanted. For the 2-person plan, it’s 3 meals per week, and each meal is 2 servings. That costs $59.94. For the family plan, you can get 2 meals per week, with a serving size of 4, and the price is $69.92 OR you can get 4 meals a week, with a serving size of 4. This plan costs $139.84. I chose the 2-person plan, but looking back, I think the $69.92 family plan is more cost-effective.

You’re able to customize the meals. You choose what kinds of meat you do/don’t like, and there are vegetarian options as well. I am a pretty picky eater, so I only had chicken, beef, and fish as my choices, and I even almost unpicked the fish. You can also choose when you want the meals to be delivered. I chose to have them delivered on Tuesday, because that’s my day off. Also, if you’re going to be away or just don’t want a meal that week, you can skip the week(s).

For my week, I chose Za’atar Chicken Burgers & Oven FriesCrispy Cod & Summer Squash, & Zucchini & Cherry Tomato Quiche. Tbh I was only excited about the chicken burgers, but that’s no fault of Blue Apron, I’m just super picky.

The meals were delivered on Tuesday morning, and every box comes with ice packs so if you’re not home, the food won’t spoil. It was a pretty big box, and I was pretty surprised at how much food was in there. Literally every single ingredient that you need for the meal was included.

I started cooking with my mom later in the afternoon. It was a tad rough at the beginning, but that’s just because I’m not used to measuring and cutting EVERY SINGLE THING. On the recipes that came in the box, it said prep time was 15 minutes, but honestly, our prep time was honestly closer to like 25 minutes. But the recipes are very detailed, and lay out the steps nicely. You’ll be cooking different parts at the same time though, so be sure to keep an eye out and don’t forget that you have something on the stove while you’re prepping other parts of your meal. I LOVED that all of the ingredients are fresh and the meat is raised antibiotic and hormone. When I cut into the parsley and mint, I could smell how fresh it was. I’m definitely going to try and start buying better and fresher food.

The chicken burgers were great, and I actually liked the cod, but I didn’t eat any of the quiche. My mom said it was good. My only real issue with the food is that the 2 servings are pretty small. The quiche was a good size, and the cod could probably work if you weren’t super hungry that day (LOL). The burger was a little on the small side for me personally, and I ate them both for lunch the next day. But I just may have a huge stomach haha.

Ultimately, I chose to cancel my subscription after my free week ended, but this is mostly because 1. I was broke, 2. My mom does grocery shopping for the house, and 3. I am way too picky of an eater and wouldn’t want to waste food. I definitely feel like if you live on your own, this would be great. Plus, the convenience of having the meals delivered to your house is amazing. In the future, I will definitely consider renewing my subscription, even it’s just for one or two times a month. Plus, the meals coming up look yummy. Check them out here.

I give Blue Apron 4.5/5 stars.




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