I Think I’m the One

If you’ve been reading my loves lost posts, you’ll know that I’ve been doing these because I’ve been single for a while. And when I say single, I mean single. I haven’t dated, “talked”, hooked up, or done anything romantic with anyone for about 2 years. While there are certainly times I certainly wish I was with someone (like the times I want to Netflix and chill), I’ve been pretty happy being single.

It seems like being single for any extended period of time for a woman is like a death sentence, and you’re destined to be an old hag, a spinster or a crazy cat lady. I’m only 23 and relatives often bring up how I’ll be getting married soon (to whom, I wonder). I’m not ready for marriage, and I’m honestly not even really ready for a long-term relationship at this point in my life. I’ve been so focused on getting my career started, and even after I’m settled with a stable job, I don’t see myself hopping into a relationship.

I want to LIVE. I’m not saying that people in relationships aren’t living, but there’s a certain freedom that comes with being single. If I decide I want to move to Peru tomorrow, I can do that. If I decide to dye my hair green, I don’t have to ask my significant other if he’ll like it. My life is mine and solely mine. There will be a time when I want to settle down, but for right now I’m fine being just me.

With that being said though, I wouldn’t mind dating. Dating as in, going out to dinner or to the movies or to a museum. Just kind of hanging out with someone (I’m aware of how juvenile “hanging out” sounds, and I’m sorry. Haha) I definitely don’t want to be a recluse, or someone who shys away from any kind of contact with the opposite sex, but I want to keep it casual. Men are often allowed this kind of freedom, but when a women says she doesn’t want anything serious, she’s suddenly “loose” with “no morals.” I reject this stance, and plan to live my life the way I see fit. And who knows, I could get into a relationship tomorrow. Life is funny that way.

Are you guys in relationships, or taking it slow like I am? Comment below!





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