I lost my ELF setting spray about 2 weeks ago, then my primer ran out. So for the past week I have been a sweaty mess, and last Friday when I came home and looked in the mirror my eyeliner had migrated down to my lower lids 😦

I went to a beauty supply store to get the NYX matte setting spray, but they only had the dewy one and Lord knows my oily self doesn’t need something to make me look even worse. So I picked up this setting spray by Absolute New York. I’ve never heard of them before but the saleslady recommended them and it was a bit cheaper than the NYX setting spray (5.99 vs 8.99).

I actually did an analysis of this setting spray vs the NYX setting spray, and the ingredients are nearly the same.


I actually got this idea of ingredient analyzing from Stephanie Nicole on Youtube (she does really great reviews of liquid lipsticks, you guys should check her out). The green items are the ingredients that are in the products in the same amount. The yellow are ingredients that exist in both products, but in differing amounts. NYX and Absolute NY have the exact same ingredients, but not in the same order. Does this makes one better than the other? I’m not sure.

Friday – I bought the spray on my way to work, and when I got there I went to the bathroom and sprayed it on my face. It felt REALLY nice. It cooled my face and made me feel refreshed. I definitely noticed that my makeup stayed on longer, and I had no eyeliner

Tuesday – I sprayed the setting spray on my face after I finished my makeup at home, and I again enjoyed the cool feeling of it. Mid-day, I did notice that my concealer had faded a bit, but that may be due to the fact that I didn’t use setting powder today.

Wednesday – I forgot to use the setting spray 😦

Thursday – I used my RCMA setting powder and sprayed my face before I left the house. My makeup looked good all day, but I was a tad oily. I was a lot less oiler than I usually am though, so that’s a plus.

Friday – Nothing out of the ordinary today. I put on less makeup than I usually do, and I looked the right amount of dewy, without being oily. (is this a sign I should be wearing less makeup? Or is there just better lighting at my second job? idk)

Will I upgrade to the NYX or L’oreal setting spray after I finish this one? Probably. But this setting spray does a pretty nice job, and it’s affordable.

I give it 3.7/5 stars.




2 thoughts on “Review – Absolute New York SPRITZ 2 FIX MATTE SETTING SPRAY

    • xoxotemi says:

      Thank you so much! For some reason the L’oreal setting spray wasn’t really on my radar until recently and it seems to be even better than the NYX one! I definitely have to try it.


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