Pick A Card, Any Card

For better or for worse, we now live in a time when people often start careers in fields that are completely unrelated to their major. Some people graduate college and realize that they want to work in a field that is totally unrelated to what they studied. Don’t fret! Having the whole world at your fingertips can be daunting but I am here to help. Read on for advice on how to choose your career field.

  1. Think about what makes you happy – Are you into gaming? Art? Finance? I am a firm believer in choosing a career that makes you happy, one that you’re passionate about. At the end of life, no one is ever happy to say that they spent their life at a job that they hated.
  2. Narrow it down – What part of gaming are you into? The marketing side? The economic side? The creation side? Most job fields are a lot more broad than we realize, so you’re going to need to focus on a certain aspect on that job field.
  3. Look at your experience/major – Does your major/work experience match up with what you want you want to do as a career? If so, great! If not, don’t worry! There are some employers that are open to hiring candidates that don’t have direct experience in said job field, but a lot are not open at all. Did you major in criminal justice but want to switch into sports journalism? You’re going to have do some extra work to do but it’s not impossible!
  4. Intern in your field – A great way to gain entry into a new job field is to intern, freelance, or volunteer so you have some experience on your resume. This internship, freelance work, or volunteer experience may not be paid, but that’s ok! Gaining experience is most important right now.

I hope you guys choose careers that excite you make you happy to be alive! As always, comment if you have any remarks or questions!




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