Therefore I am

Rihanna. RuPaul’s Drag Race. 90’s Versace. These are all things that have influenced me greatly. But one stands above all: Sex & The City. I love SATC so much I wanted to name my blog “The Black Carrie Bradshaw”, but I figured I would run into some trademark issues, and Lord knows I don’t have lawyer money. Carrie was annoying, indecisive, and out of touch with reality, but no matter how much I hated her at times, I couldn’t hide the fact that we were alike. Carrie isn’t the only character in me though. I have the drive and ambition of Peggy from Mad Men, mixed with the slight madness of Blair from Gossip Girl, and topped off with the optimism of every girl in a chick flick that moves to NY in the hopes of starting over.

Growing up in the suburbs of NJ, NYC seemed like where I needed to be. While I will always love the Dirty Jerz (609 & 732 represent!), I want to make it in NY. You know that totally overused but true phrase; “If you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere”. So this blog will be a diary of sorts while I attempt to make it. Expect tales of my daily life and job search, fashion and makeup tips/ideas, and a couple of articles about pop culture and politics and feminism and film and whatever else I want to talk about. I welcome anyone who joins me on this ride 😀




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