How To Take Care of the Most Common Summer Skin Problems

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting last week – I’ll be posting two posts this week to make up for it.

August is here, and I’m sure we’re all planning on living it up to the fullest during the last full month of summer. However, while you may be having fun this summer, your skin may not be. Read on for some remedies for the most common summer skincare problems.

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Baby Foot Review 

Hey guys!

In my “How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer” post, I mentioned using the Baby Foot product to chemically exfoliate your feet.  Baby Foot has a cult status online, with people claiming that it took care of their dry foot for good. I suffer from dry, cracked heels, and I decided to use the product myself for the first time earlier this year. These were the results.

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You Need To Start Oil Cleansing Your Makeup Brushes – Here’s Why

Hi everyone!

I’ve spoken about the wonders of oil cleansing before, but for anyone who needs a refresher, it’s pretty simple: instead of just washing your face at night, you should use an oil cleanser first. Oil breaks up oil, and adding an oil cleanser to your routine will better wipe off creamy and oil-based makeup like your foundation or concealer. Also, those with oily skin benefit from using an oil cleanser because the oil in the cleanser attracts the oil on your face.

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